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Wash and Fold

Laundry is the single most time-consuming chore. We put it off as long as possible until we’re forced to carve the time out of our busy lives to do it. Let us give you that time back.


  • Download the Starch’d app from the link provided on the home page of our website or in the Apple or Android market.
  • Sign up and order your first pickup.

It's as simple as that!

After the order has been placed you will receive confirmation by email or text message.

When placing your order on the Starch’d app you will be prompt to tell us where you want to leave your laundry. Hanging on your front door? On your porch in one of our Starch’d laundry bags? Or at the front desk of your complex.

* For first time users, a Starch’d laundry bag will be provided to you ahead of time or you can use your own laundry bag which we will return with a Starch’d laundry bag for the next time.

Our order processing system alerts our team of any special care or general instructions related to specific items and/or the way that you want your items to be washed or dried. Lastly, after a thorough cycle of washing and drying, our team will neatly fold and package your laundry into our Starch’d laundry bags.

Our delivery process is similar to our pick-up process. You will receive an email or text message notification approximately thirty-minutes or less prior to the driver's arrival. Your laundry will arrive neatly folded and clean, giving you back your day off with the ease you deserve.